Debride Medicated Ointment

Debride is a medicated ointment that promotes prompt and complete healing of ulcers, mouth rot, fin rot, and tail rot, all symptoms of Aeromonas and Pseudomonas. For the treatment of open wounds and abrasions in Koi and Goldfish. Koi Care Kennel conducted extensive field trials on this product.



ProForm-C is for the treatment of external protozoan and fungal diseases of fish. Use ProForm-C as a Broad Spectrum Disease treatment. ProForm-C is the safest and most effective treatment for control of disease of pond fishes.

* Will not harm biological filtration *

PraziPond / Praziquantel

‘Prazi’ is extremely effective for the treatment of external flukes, liver flukes, internal parasites and internal worms in Koi, goldfish and tropical fish.

‘Prazi’ is a one time treatment and because it is so gentle, it does NOT require any water changes after treatment and you do NOT need to bypass your biofilter or U.V. Light. Prazi also will work with any amount of salt in the pond and it is not water temperature dependant.



KoiZyme is a biological formula of naturally occurring bacteria, enzymes and micro nutrients. When used as directed, KoiZyme will reduce the bacterial count of Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and other pathnogenetic bacteria to such low levels that they will not be a threat to the health of your koi. The natural way to reduce pathogens is to "competitively exclude" them from the vital elements they require to survive, grow and multiply.


Ultimate Water Conditioner

Ultimate is a convenient, liquid single phase, full-function water conditioner that has been scientifically formulated for use in koi and goldfish ponds. Ultimate should be used (1) when conditioning new water for ponds, (2) prior or during water additions to ponds, (3) before adding new fish or plants, and (4) when transporting koi or goldfish 

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